College Recruiting: A Real Mess !

College recruiting can be a real struggle for anyone who tries undergo the process. While the process is often made out to be simple, it is, with the right guidance. Without the right guidance, the process can feel exhausting, complicated, and often overwhelming. It is at this stage where people give in to finding an agent to help with the process. This is where we come in. Here at John-In-College, we are here to guide future and current student athletes, and their families towards a career as a college-athlete, without the overbearing costs of coursedf. 

Now the question is: How are you willing to prepare yourself for college? 

Most students, like myself, arrived at college with little to no knowledge of what to expect. Myself, like many student-athletes were very unaware of what college would be like, what to expect in the recruiting process, and how to properly prepare for this next chapter in each of our lives. Therefore, it is our purpose to prepare future college student-athletes for every aspect of this next chapter in their lives. 

Your College Athlete Experience Starts HERE

College recruiting can be a real struggle for anyone who takes a look at it and tries to understand it. In my experience, a majority of athletes loved their college years, yet each wished that they could have been more prepared. As a Division I athlete, I feel that the way athletes are treated is exceptional. They have many more advantages than any other student. These advantages include access to study rooms, practice and competition apparel, food replenishment stations, the priority to register for classes before general students, and more. Nevertheless, every university is different. Your college experience is greatly dependent on many different factors, based on your personal preferences such as geographic location, school size, choice of degree, and any other preferences which may influence your experience in a new place. 

We are therefore here to also guide you in finding a College which matches your needs so that you may be able to have the best possible experience which all student-athletes deserve to learn and thrive. 

Who Is Johnatan Parat?


Hello everyone! My name is Johnatan Parat. I am a junior in college and I am majoring in Accounting in University of North Dakota. I play in the middle of the line up in the tennis team for this school. In Metz, my hometown in France, I graduated high school with a “very good” standing in a scientific degree, and new that I wanted to go to college and represent a school as a tennis student-athlete. I also skipped a grade at the age of 9 which allowed me to come to college one year early. College and education in general, are really important for me. I joined a boarding school at the age of 14 that was an hour away from my family and home, all for the opportunity to be able to reach a performance level high enough to be able to attend college as a student-athlete. At 17 I left my home to begin college and I am currently living independently. I consider myself to be very mature and responsible. Laughing at the sillier things, joking around with my friends is also part of who I am. However, I know when to be serious and understand the consequences of my actions. 

My hobbies are tennis, running, and traveling.I love talking to and meeting new people. This is something which I have truly enjoyed as a majority of my teammates are international like myself, from all over the world. While I thought that attending college in the United States would be extremely lonely, this was not the case as I have formed new friendships and a new family away from home. 

How do I see the Future ?

I also have a passion for ecology and every way possible to make the world a better place. My dream for the future would be to own and manage my own company. Making a lot of money would be a way for me to help people who need it the most. I currently manage this website. Johnincollege.com is a place where you will learn about college in all its sides. I want to help this community in a lot of ways, and this is where I am starting, with the vision that more individuals like myself will be able to set themselves up with the same opportunities. I want to help international students who want to get an athletic or academic scholarship. My long term goal is also to help individuals learn English or French, and hopefully more languages with the help of other student-athletes and friends of mine from various countries. I will also post some articles about college to show you what to expect as it often tends to be very different to what you expect it to be. The main purpose of John-in-college is to help you to avoid making the same mistakes and avoid facing the same hardships which I have faced due to the lack of information and resources available to prospective student-athletes. 

I really hope you find the answers you are looking for on this website, and I am open to hearing any questions which you may have.