My Best Tips on Taking Online Classes

Due to the advancement in technology, earning a college degree doesn’t mean your physical attendance in the classes. Instead, it requires a good internet connection and a running system, and you can attend the classes by sitting in any part of the world. This new concept of online classes has confined the whole earth into a global village. 

You can get any sort of degree, complete any certification, or even earn a handsome amount via the web. The concept of online classes has made life easy for college students. In addition to this, the hectic college life, and traveling part is also resolved after the invention of online classes. 

Although online classes have many advantages, the major drawback is lack of attention and time management. Today, we will focus on tips and techniques that will help you get the best from online college classes. 

For the ease of readers, we have divided the blog into the following sections:

  • Successful strategies for taking online classes
  • List of the best software’s to use for online classes

Note: Although the below tips focus college students, they work pretty well for all the other online sessions as well.

Successful strategies for taking online classes

Following is a list of some powerful tips for taking online classes:

Take an online class as a real one

Being a college student, you must be aware of the online classes due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19. Some professors upload a pre-recorded lecture for the class every week and forget the idea about the student’s participation; they conduct frequent assignments. The fact is, no one ever understands any worthy thing through recorded lectures. Instead, students take them or granted. However, a live online class will keep the students active during the session. Therefore, ask you, instructor, to give live online sessions and consider yourself sitting in a real class so that you will get the best out of a virtual class. Another way to remain attentive is to think about the money you have paid for your semester and determine for the course. 

Set your goals

At the start of the semester, you need to set your goals and then remind yourself every week to keep a check on yourself. In this way, you will constantly remind yourself of the benefits that you have taken this course. Always remember that irrespective of the fact that it is a virtual class, but it has the same impact on your GPA as that of a real class. Also, in college, you have many resources that remind you about the incoming event while in online classes, only you can remind yourself about the deadlines of project submission or about the examination that will start in the next few days. 

Time Management

In real physical college classes, we have a pre-defined schedule of early rising and then driving to the college. However, in online sessions, we don’t have fixed class timing. Some day the class will be in the morning, and the next day it will be in the afternoon. The reason is, your college is maintaining the online sessions for many classes, and the higher authorities have to make a timetable that considers every class in the college. However, in any case, due to these classes, you lack the schedule, and sometimes you don’t get up for the class due to many reasons. It will have a severe negative impact on your GPA.

Time management is very important for virtual classes as it is for the real physical classes. The best ways to improve your time management skills are:

  • Place a table calendar in your room and mark the assignment submission, and classes’ dates and timings on it so that you will remember about your commitments. Also, keep your personal life separate from college life, and only visit those parties or weddings that don’t interfere with your regular study schedule. 
  • Other than the calendar, you can set reminders on your phone
  • Divide your time between each assignment during the whole day

Dedicate a study space and organize it

Irrespective of the size and style of your home, you can always spare a separate study area and dedicate it to only your online college classes. This study area can be your kitchen table, your library, your dining table, or any other space. However, you must focus on the point that there will be a perfect environment that makes you only focus on the studies. Every person is unique in one way or the other, and that’s the reason that not everyone can give maximum productivity in the same type of environment. Therefore, choose the environment for your workspace that is most feasible for you. 

In addition to this, make sure your workspace is organized. By organization not only means a clean area with minimum furniture and other stuff, but at the same time, it also means that the area should be organized enough to hold all of your documents and other such stuff. You can make such an area below your table or at the side rack. Also, you must focus on the thing that your study area must have a high-speed internet connection, and all of the files and other stuff that you use during the classes will be at your access so that you don’t have to distract yourself during the class. 

Eliminate all the distractions

You might get surprised to know that even an additional book at your study space can be a reason behind your distraction from an online college class. The reason is, online sessions sometimes get boring, and at that time, everything that is available around us looks extremely attractive to us, and is the reason behind our distraction from the lecture. Therefore, make sure to keep your area organized and keep the useless things aside. In addition to this, while dedicating a place for your study space, make sure that it is at a side so that you will remain unaffected from the noisy home.

The area of study matters a lot, but you need to focus on turning off your cell phone before the class because any notification or irrelevant message can significantly reduce your attention from the lecture. Also, you can use different applications for blocking unwanted ads from your website. 

Figure out multiple ways for learning best

As we have discussed above that everyone is unique in his own way, so we can frankly say that not everyone gets the best out of the same way of learning. Instead, you have to try multiple ways to get an idea about the way that is best for you. For instance, if you are a morning person but your lecture is in the afternoon, you can read it in the morning so that you can ask your queries from the instructor during the lecture. In this way, you will not only get all the points in the lecture, but at the same time, you will remain attentive during the lecture. 

Stay active and participate during the classes

Have you ever wonder why there is a percentage of class participation at the end of every session in your college? The reason is, your instructors not only want to convey the message written in textbooks, but they also want you to learn the best from it. Therefore, they want you to participate in the lecture. The same applies to online classes as well. In addition to this, class participation will not only help you to achieve the additional percent of marks, but at the same time, it will make you active during the sessions. 


Join Virtual Groups

By virtual groups, we mean some social media groups of students where anyone can post a query, and the eligible students will guide them about it. Isn’t it a great thing? There are many college students who are active members of such groups and are learning much from these groups other than the actual online classes. The reason is, students are more comfortable with each other, and they can freely ask the queries that they have in their mind and get advice or an explanation from the one that has a clear understanding of the subject. 


List of the best softwares to use for online classes

There are hundreds and thousands of online software available on the web that are very famous for conducting online sessions. Due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19, the trend of using these kinds of software has increased. Following is the list:

Zoom: One of the most famous and highly used software for online learning these days is Zoom. It is free to use and is providing many features to the users. 

ezTalks Webinar: It is another ideal software for teachers and learners, and supports to deliver unlimited online sessions. 

Fastmeeting: Fastmeeting has fluent video and audio sessions that many colleges are using around the globe.

The topic concludes that although online classes of college are difficult to manage at first but focusing on some simple tips can make you a pro in the field without much hard work. 

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