After 3 years of college experience, I will try to explain why you should study in the USA.

An American college education is often a dream for students around the entire world, especially based on the way it is depicted in the media. 

This dream is made possible by thousands of scholarship opportunities whether it be for athletics or academics throughout the United States. As an international student, my decision to attend college overseas was not an easy one.

Get a Scholarship and Study for Free.

The Easiest Way to Study in the USA

Scholarship opportunities in America are a big deal. As you probably know the tuition especially for international students can reach sometimes $50.000, which for a normal student would be difficult to cover unless getting a student loan. 

 I have met many students in my university who are benefiting from a scholarship whether they are American or International students. You can either get an Academic or Athletic scholarship. 

– Academic scholarships are often given to international students in the USA to improve the diversity of the university populations. ‘Cultural diversity’ in America is very important for any college. This diversity will make the college better, by enhancing self-awareness, promoting creative thinking, preparing students for working in their workplace, and enhancing as well as social development. 

Athletic scholarships are awarded to a certain number of athletes in each team depending on the division that the school plays into. Every sport is concerned. Students with full scholarship live their college life expense-free. They are often offered the meal plan and housing accommodations. If you don’t have a scholarship, the tuition fee can sometimes be overly high.

But how many students receive gift aid?

According to the NCAA website:

NCAA Divisions I and II schools provide more than $2.9 billion in athletics scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student-athletes. Division III schools do not offer athletics scholarships.

Moreover, international students are more likely to get a scholarship than others. In some universities, a part of the scholarship is given only because of the cultural diversity that you are going to bring by attending the university.

 If you  are reading this article and you are an international athlete. You must get a scholarship in an American university. In fact, there are 337 Division I schools, 312 Division II schools, plus a lot of NAIA or NJCAA schools that also offer scholarships for international students. However, you need to know how to look for the right university for you.


Experience Team Spirit

The team spirit is something that you will notice in any sport in college. What most student-athletes marked them the most is the team environment. 

There is a competition spirit between the teammates, which is an advantage most of the time. At the same time, you want your partner to succeed as much as yourself as the final score is going to depend on him as well. 

My sport is tennis, an individual sport, and I have never received so much help and encouragement from my partners then during my college experience. 

Team spirit is a big thing here, you can understand it better once you look at how popular College Sports Team is.

The people that you will spend most of your time with, are your teammates. You will sleep in the same apartment as them, eattrain, study, travel, hang out, and practice with them. to organizations such as fraternities or sororities. There are many ways for you to make friends and integrate groups of people with whom you share the same values.

Discover the American Culture

America is a vast country with many differences compared to Europe for instance. Study in the USA will give you opportunities to travel across the country, and learn about the traditions of Americans. 

There are 50 states in the US and each has a different culture and history. The everyday life is unique. As an international student as well as an athlete, during my time in America thus far, I have noticed many changes in my lifestyle. Amongst these changes, the most obvious are food, meal times, and sleeping habits.

Previously, a typical breakfast for me would have been toast with various toppings such as Nutella or jam.

 Basically, something on the sweeter side. In America, however, breakfast consists of more savory foods such as eggs, scones/biscuits, fried potatoes, and sausage. I also learned that sweet for breakfast was not that popular around the world. A typical meal day in America would be : 

8 am: Breakfast; 11 am : Lunch ; 5 pm: Dinner

Speak Fluent English

Speaking English is essential in today’s world. More than 1.5 billion people speak English fluently. The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in an English speaking country.

 I studied English for ten years at school. When I first came to the U.S I thought my knowledge of the language was decent. I could barely have a conversation with someone, and my TOEFL and SAT scores were not great. However, 

Within three weeks, I was able to understand almost everything and to speak with enough clarity for myself to be understood. 

In three months, I was able to speak fluently with anyone. I was proud of myself as I was finally capable of speaking another language.

I believe that learning English is a big bonus in a lot of jobs. Firstly, for every job that communicates internationally, being fluent in English is essential. Secondly, anyone who speaks two languages is able to teach one or the other and have a granted job.

But the question is, how should you go about learning English?

Nevertheless, you would want to have a great level in English before applying for College. You will need to take and pass tests such as the TOEFL and the SAT to be college eligible. 

Therefore, if you are contemplating attending college in the United States, you can and should start learning English. That is one of the most important skills you will have if you study in the USA. 

If you are planning to pass your English Tests soon, “Italki” is a great application to chat with international students for free. 

Meet other people

Relationships are essential to developing yourself through social life. You define yourself by the people you know and your relationship with them. As Lisa Ling states, you need to “Make your relationship your number one priority.” 

By going to college far from your family and friends, you open yourself up to new opportunities and friendships. You will open your eyes to the world by talking to them and listening to different points of view from someone living in a different part of the world.

 You can even learn a second or third language, or skills in any field with them. While you study in the USA, most people will be intrigued by your accent or culture, causing discussions and social relations.

For example, I learned more than 100 words in Croatian listening to two of my teammates speaking together. It is the perfect journey for those who have a love for learning and exploring the world.

 I personally learned so much about international cultures, languages, politics, and sports. It is interesting to see how and what they have been taught in history, sports. But also the food they eat or the traditions they have.


There are a ton of organizations that you can join and meet people like you. As shown in many movies, fraternities and sororities are indeed real. Whether you like to party or not, there is an organization for you. International students also have their own department at the school with meetings for students interested. There is also from time to time a culture night, where traditional food and music are there.


You will think with a bigger and broader perspective. Your mind develops itself automatically and you start to think outside the box. It is a good way to meet people that will help you professionally.

 Employers love international students because they have something more than the usual American. The University also has relations with companies and offers summer internships and other kinds of employment opportunities. 

Live the American Dream

The “American Dream” is where everyone In the US has the opportunity to reach prosperity and success. It is the idea that you can achieve your highest aspirations in America. Therefore students from around the world envy the students who have the opportunity to go to college in America. 

Do you want to be a successful artist, astronaut, lawyer, teacher, medical professional, business person, banker, or athlete?  Attending college in America can be the first step towards making your dream a reality.

American College education is a place where every student has equal chances to accomplish his dream. 

I had the chance to meet and converse with a lot of international students.

A lot of them were here because they would not be able to study back home due to their parent’s income. 

Each of them turned out to be very smart and successful in their chosen field of study. 

Many of these students are successful in their studies because of their motivation to build a promising career for themselves, starting from college.  


I hope this article enlightened you on Why Study in the USA and I hope that you will have the greatest college experience that you deserve.

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